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This Wireless Remote Makes Holiday Tree Lighting Hassle-Free

For those of us who are counting the days until the holidays, there are many things to do before celebrating. One of them is taking the boxes of lights out of storage to decorate the tree.
The designated tree lighter in the family then has the arduous task of precariously getting behind nooks and crannies to plug in the lights, perhaps risking back strain.

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If only decorating the tree and turning on the lights was this easy. via GIPHY
There is a couple in Victoria, British Columbia who may have the solution to your tree-lighting anxieties. In 2013, Martin and Shelby Schenk recognized the hassle of having to crawl behind or under a Christmas tree to turn the lights on and off. Martin would hear his wife battling it out with the Christmas tree, trying to plug in the lights.
The idea of a remote control to turn on your Christmas tree lights was born. At first, Schenk searched local hardware stores for one with a theme consistent with the spirit of Christmas, but none existed. Frustrated but determined, he set out to create one himself.
Named Treemote, it’s a green battery-packed remote control in the shape of a Christmas tree that can control holiday lights up to 80 feet away with a click. It even works through walls and around corners.
The first prototype was an iPhone-sized wooden Christmas tree which had substance but lacked style. It morphed into a smaller, sleeker model, making its debut in tire stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores in British Columbia just in time for the 2014 Christmas season. To the Schenks’ delight, it sold out everywhere. Since then, Treemote has made its way into the States.
For $19.99, you can control your Christmas tree lights from any room in the house. The website boasts that it’s “Santa’s best idea in years!”

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When the holidays are over, Treemote doesn’t need to be stored away with all the tree trimmings. It can be used year-round for those hard-to-reach lights and appliances.
Order the Treemote at the link below and take the hassle out of lighting the tree (or any hard-to-reach lamp) for good!

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