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Watch This Rescued Cow Joyously Run Around and Play With His Caretaker

rescued cow runs
Source: Freedom Farm Sanctuary

Ah, the sweet taste of freedom. It’s something we take for granted sometimes.
Meet Buba, the adorable brown cow who was rescued thanks to the Freedom Farm Sanctuary. Buba was rescued from a harsh life in the dairy and meat industry. Just watch him express his happiness in the delightful video below.


Buba can be seen being groomed and enjoying the company of his human caretaker. He runs around and throws his head back in joy. (He probably has not been able to do this in a long time.)
The video was originally posted to the Freedom Farm Sanctuary’s Facebook page and quickly gained almost 200,000 views. All animal lovers can’t help but feel emotional watching this heartfelt video.
Buba’s story reminds us all that all animals have the same basic needs and wants. Clearly, the rescued cow loves to be shown the same care and affection that we provide for our own cats and dogs at home. Maybe we should extend that warmth and love to all animals, not just the ones living in our houses.
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